• Where do i register?

Visit  IMAthlete.com to register


YES! Minors 16 and over can participate

  • How does a relay team work?

Relay teams can be all male, all female or mixed.  Here are a few guidelines

  -Swim team member must tag the cyclist team member.  The cyclist's bike must be                             racked in the transition area and the athlete shall leave his or her bike shoes and                                 helmet with the racked bike until after the swim / bike exchange is made.
 - Cyclist team member must tag runner team member. The cyclist must rack bike and                           remove helmet and bike shoes before tagging runner.

-Individual triathletes can be a swimmer on a relay team but must start the race in the                       relay wave and not in their age group wave. Once the swim / bike exchange has been                           made, the individual may continue the race with his or her individual race number.

  • Where does Racing Rivals take place?

Racing Rivals is hosted by Clear Water Ski Association off of Terry Drake Road in Owens                   Crossroads, AL.  It offers a pristine swim around the island, scenic bike ride and an out                     and back run down Taylor Road.

  • What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds.

  • What categories are offered?

Male, Female, Clydesdale, and Athena

  • Will there be any course previews?

Yes, we will offer course previews close to the race date.  Check out our Facebook page for information.

  • Is the swim a mass start?

The swim will be a wave start.  The waves will be announced when you pick up your race packet.

  • Where is packet pickup?

Packet pickup will be at Bicycle Cove at

5575 Highway 431 S
Suite 102
Brownsboro, AL 35741

OR at the race site on the morning of the race

  • Do you need to be a USAT member?

No, this is not a USAT sanctioned race

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